Your Marginally Talented Photographer Girlfriend, “Nike Trump



SR250, 1 January 2024

Format: mp3 & limited edition “used-as-fuck” tape

Location: US

Tracks: 12

Genres: Grindcore, spoken word, experimental, poetry

Grindcore, grunge piano bar, cutups, DVD commentary over absurdist news, the news itself, self referential background scarring muzak, possums, post-Adbusters instagrammable politics, Trump, Trump again, resellers, poetry, beautiful spoken word, being flatout drunk while reciting beautiful spoken word, talking nonsense, hating, numbers, things making sense and others that stop altogether, wildstyle, a friend, lounge jazz, TV stars, Macy Gray, harsh distortions, songs being cut short and others cutting from the inside like gaping wounds.


I had been waiting for this return and it finally came and was nothing I had expected.


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Beanie Barfield – guitar and drum machine
Joke Win – vocals and sampling

Trump is a Faggot - Audio tape
Limited "used-as-fuck" audiotape available.
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This band consists of Beanie Barfield and Joke Win. Having been in bands before but feeling sort of left behind, we had talked a lot about wanting to make really heavy (yet comical) music together but were missing the contacts, equipment, money, time, etc. We decided to do it anyway, starting off with almost no equipment beyond a guitar and a webcam and gradually getting our shit together.

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