Your Marginally Talented Photographer Girlfriend, “Had a Beby


SR149, 2016

Format: mp3

Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Tracks: 6

Genres: Grindcore, cybergrind, hardcore

Joke and Christian barely saw each other throughout the making of this album, relying even more heavily on passing files over the internet. In fact the finishing touches were done with Christian in Brooklyn and Joke in Mexico. The title track is featured on the Spettro Records podcast of the same name. Artist Dennis Ryan created the album cover using oil paint on canvas and Photoshop overlays.

Christian composed a lot more music than was used for the album, then decided not to use most of it because he wants to start playing weirder shit (especially Beby Radio). Joke tried to write a couple songs that weren’t jokes, with marginal success. In the last recording (Deu), he took a liking to screaming nonsense words instead of writing lyrics, and not using any audio effects, reminiscent of his old band Rated R. Christian and Joke both see this album as an ending to their use of certain death metal and grindcore conventions as they start moving into more experimental territory.


Released October 6, 2016


It includes a jingle for Beby Radio podcast.



Christian Banfield: guitars, drum machine, mixing.
Joke Quinn: vocals, accordion, mixing.
Thanks to: Dennis Ryan for the cover art, Nicola Boari and Spettro Records for promotion and distribution.

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 This band consists of Beanie Barfield and Joke Win. Having been in bands before but feeling sort of left behind, we had talked a lot about wanting to make really heavy (yet comical) music together but were missing the contacts, equipment, money, time, etc. We decided to do it anyway, starting off with almost no equipment beyond a guitar and a webcam and gradually getting our shit together.

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