Your Marginally Talented Photographer Girlfriend,Emily


SR103, 2014

Format: mp3

Location: Brooklyn, USA

Tracks: 4

Genres: Grind core, hardcore, cybergrind

We recorded these tracks in the summer of 2013. Christian got some better gear for his guitar, Joke bought a used accordion to throw in the mix, and we also spent longer on mixing than we did on the first album. Otherwise our methods were similar to last time (see last album’s description) and we are still broke and pretty cut off from the music world. We intended for this album to be longer, but a bunch of setbacks slowed things down (like Joke’s apartment flooding through the ceiling with water and mouse-poop at the end of that summer). Eventually we decided our next round of material is probably going to sound different enough that this stuff should be an album on its own. The only complaint we really have this time though is we wish the tracks were louder (still have a bit to figure out about mastering) so like, just turn it up.


Christian Banfield: guitars, drum programming, mixing
Joke Win: vocals, lyrics, accordion, mixing, videos

Thanks to: Dennis Ryan for help with the album cover, Spettro Records for promoting this album on their recent sampler.

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 This band consists of Beanie Barfield and Joke Win. Having been in bands before but feeling sort of left behind, we had talked a lot about wanting to make really heavy (yet comical) music together but were missing the contacts, equipment, money, time, etc. We decided to do it anyway, starting off with almost no equipment beyond a guitar and a webcam and gradually getting our shit together.

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