Spettro Records 2010 Compilation


SR025, 2010

Format: mp3

Tracks: 17

Artwork by Martina Merlini

When Brusio Netlabel offered us to share compilations we got on this chance immediately, but anyway ended up late. It hasn’t even been a year since we started Spettro, but we believe that the quantity of things we have released is sufficient enough to compile this archive of things, of things past and of things future, to make order in our minds, and to try giving a chance to all of those who haven’t heard our voices.


This compilation voices our lives, in the hope that they will be fruitful and long, and knowing that no matter how long they will survive, it has been and will be meaningful, to us, and hopefully to others. Many things seem to conjure against us, mainly, money, which is not too distant from existence itself.


Anyway, this compilation wishes to thank everyone who supported us and that will in the future.


The only thing we can be certain about, is that everything we have supported has been and always will be a pure manifestation of life, of wills untouched. Our thanks go to the artists, and to Martina Merlini especially, the author of this wonderful artwork. Please, enjoy!



1) SLP – Like a bird in a cage ( from Structures Anthropologiques de l’Imaginaire de Familie )
2) Cervo – Do my days devour ( from EP )
3) Achievements – Kids should be delinquents ( from Fom Pix to G )
4) Massaccesi – Their Business Model Doesn’t Coincide With Reality ( from When I Was Young It Was All About The Music )
5) Il Culto Dell’Annientamento – I respiri profondi ( from Noi Non Siamo Nulla )
6) Monkeeastronaut – Hunting with crickets ( from Them Specs )
7) WHY – El Topo ( from We Hate You )
8) NITWIT – Fuck my Romagna ( from Fuck My Romagna )
9) Derek Dick Decio – Bright Future ( from Cubo di Bamba )
10) Salakapakka Sound System – ##o++ ( from Eyewitness Protection Program )
11) Salome Lego Playset / Susanna Laterza / Kenji Siratori – (omissis) ( from Sabaku no Genkai )
12) Austin Smith – Whitney Live ( from Dissolution of the Cube )
13) Gabriel Introvini – Quando comincio a dimenticare ( from Un Parlante nello Spazio )
14) Your Dog – 1 ( from Your Dog )
15) Salome Lego Playset / Susanna Laterza – Le lion verte ( from Music for the Films of Giancarlo Morieri )
16) SLP / Mr. Drey – As far as you can ( from Rambler 1976 )
17) Mr. Drey – De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium ( from Galileo Was Correct )

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