sorta opalka & nicola boari, “P. Garage


いき四 , June 30th 2024


Out for Associazione Culturale Ikigai Room


Format: mp3 / limited edition handmade audiocassette (available on Ikigai’s Bandcamp)


Location: Italy/Japan

Tracks: 8

Genres: Improvisation

A serendipitous meeting between sorta opalka (Yama Yuki, odoma) and Nicola Boari (SLP, arokin).

Yama was visiting Bologna from Japan and had heard about Ikigai Room and wanted to play there. He got in touch with me and I broke the news that we had shut down a year earlier.

However we found out we had a lot in common. Most importantly, children then very same age, born days apart. Together we went to live shows, met with families, ate, talked, and then finally played live in the summer of 2023 before Yama would leave to Japan.

The space we played in, the same one featured in many recordings of mine: our tiny rehearsal space, a former garage placed underneath a school and a restaurant in Bologna, and we had a lot of fun.

We brought along a lot of musical toys which we played together with synths, cassettes and a saxophone neither of us could play. Yama then edited and layered sounds over it.

It was a fun and unexcpeted meeting. Once that I’ll cherish and that I’m glad left something.
sorta opalka & nicola boari (music)
sorta opalka (editing)
Akis Karanos (artwork)
Released together with Spettro Records

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