SLP, "SLP" (SR001, 2007)



SR005, January 2007

Format: mp3

Location: Italy

Duration: 01:06:00

Tracks: 5

Genres: Noise, Drone, Cut-Ups

Inspired on the timeless work by Hans-Jurgen Syberberg, “Hitler – ein Film aus
Deutschland”, Slp’s first album tries to bear the search for an everlasting time, the possibility of an eternal ecstasy in the sense of an imperishable contemplation of a past that eludes into the present up to the cancelling of the being itself.
Sharing the attention on the dissolving passing of time itself, as in Empire by Warhol or in Pynchon’s entropies, Slp tries to enclose the panting for an everlasting time which can cross the border between oneself, a past that belongs to no one and a future which can never be. A failed attempt from the start but nonetheless dreamed about.


Artwork by Giancarlo Morieri.


Originally released on Noise Joy netlabel.


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Failed media, pathetic attempts at art making, pretentious wording and amateurish self importance.

Ugly sounds and unimportant events since 2007.


Member of Salomè Lego Playset, River of No, Achievements, Rambler 1976.


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