SLP, “Posthumous Possessions” (SR027, 2011)

SLP, “Posthumous Possessions


SR027, 2011

Format: mp3

Location: Italy

Duration: 00:25:03

Tracks: 5

Genres: Drone, Electroacoustic

Conscious of being too little and for everyone disposable. Reading Philip K.Dick wondering about possible simulacrums more meaningful than mine. Waiting for someone, something, to come. Eventually, He’ll come, regardless of whatever it was done before. Another useless composition to give meaning for this wake.


Recorded in 2011, at home, mixed by Mister Drey.

Cover art by Antolini Nicola.


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Failed media, pathetic attempts at art making, pretentious wording and amateurish self importance.

Ugly sounds and unimportant events since 2007.


Member of Salomè Lego Playset, River of No, Achievements, Rambler 1976.


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