SLP, "La Vita Agra” (SR008, 2009)

SLP, “La Vita Agra


SR217, 2009

Format: mp3

Location: Italy

Duration: 00:40:09

Tracks: 3

Genres: Ambient, Noise

As the origination of the dead sense was accumulating its power of determination on every sense of being in process, superflously tending on imposing itself as a reigning utopia of total fictitious sense, the universe of objects, concrete crystallizations of the dead sense, sense-things in being against the live sense in process, it verified together with the immensity of its own quantitive extension – the “actual” produced and determined more and more – and negatively, the immense vacuity of its own dominion regarding the constantly eluded value, never reciprocated: the “value” of the being that accomplishes itself in its moment. So much that, around the nucleus of its own negated corporeality the siege of “objects” has nailed itself where the sense of fictitiousness actualizes itself. And still the less, the live sense takes place and has the opportunity of comparing itself in the being, more and more tending towards dying apocalyptically or to overturn insurrectionally the mortal glaciation of the thingness “grip”. As it is impeded to the being to accomplish itself if not in the ways of being more and more automized and rapidly obsolete in which it recognizes itself as immediately betrayed, nothing can restrain him any longer from finally measuring itself with its own instant “value” and expect to realize it immediately. The collapse of the “money” objects, figures of a rapid inflation, fictitious representations of being indirect in seeming, is more profound and irreversible as it accelerates, like mints of a state in ruins, the frantic emission of for ever measures of value. When practicable hope will no longer exist, between one and the other production time of the fictitious, then the global insolvency of the fictitious will reveal itself openly as the last wall to tear down before the body of the species conquers the dimension of its own essence.

(Giorgio Cesarano, Critique of the Capital Utopia)


Artwork by Giancarlo Morieri.

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Member of Salomè Lego Playset, River of No, Achievements, Rambler 1976.


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