SLP, Emperor Tomato Ketchup (SR110, 2014)

SLP, “Emperor Tomato Ketchup


SR110, 25 May 2014

Format: CD-r / mp3

Location: Italy

Duration: 01:28:40

Tracks: 1

Genres: Electroacoustic, ambient, noise, soundtrack

CD-r comes in textured heavy cardboard package with glued frame from the movie (each one is different) and stickers. Each copy is hand made by FUKTE.

Co-released with Toxic Industries label.


Emperor Tomato Ketchup (トマトケチャップ皇帝) is a 1971 Japanese experimental film by poet, artist and director Terayama Shuji (寺山 修司, 1935 – 1983).


A revolutionary brigade of children overthrow the adults and their reign, and a young boy is made Emperor of a new world order. Any hope of change is soon shattered. The children repeat all the mistakes their fathers made, and violence, rape and abuse are inevitable. Enslaved, mothers are turned into prostitutes, “I seduce my mommy and I become my daddy”, is the scarred intent of the new youthful despot. The perpetual cycle of oppression is left unchanged.


Originally, its soundtrack was composed by J. A. Seazer, but the music you are about to listen to is a free interpretation by Italian noise musician SLP. It was first and only performed in Cagliari, Italy, on 16th February 2013, at “Solo Il Mio Nero” noise and film festival.


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Failed media, pathetic attempts at art making, pretentious wording and amateurish self importance.

Ugly sounds and unimportant events since 2007.


Member of Salomè Lego Playset, River of No, Achievements, Rambler 1976.


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