SLP / DJ Balli / Stufa / Gabriel Introvini, "A Serious Study On Female Masturbation" (SR069, 2013)

SLP / Gabriel IntroviniStufa / DJ Balli, “A Serious Study On Female Masturbation


SR069, 2013

Format: Tape (SOLD-OUT) / mp3

Location: Italy, Argentina

Duration: 01:30:00

Tracks: 35

Genres: Porn soundtrack, exotica, drone, weird

Films long gone, all that remains are the super sleazy and sexy soundtracks composed and performed by improvisation collective Stufa, lonely onanist SLP, hit-maker DJ Balli, and mysterious Argentinian Gabriel Introvini.

Enjoy this extra serious and in depth study on female masturbatory habits, in pure mondo style.


Artwork by Matteo Linari.

Inlay anuses by Tisbor.


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Failed media, pathetic attempts at art making, pretentious wording and amateurish self importance.

Ugly sounds and unimportant events since 2007.


Member of Salomè Lego Playset, River of No, Achievements, Rambler 1976.


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