SLP & Austin Smith, “Toyama Voidilism & Research on Noise Music” (SR152, 2008)

SLP & Austin Smith, “戸山 Voidilism” &  Research on Noise Music


SR152, 2008

Format: mp3 (3 volumes) + pdf

Location: Italy/U.S.A/Japan

Tracks: 5

Genres: Noise

Reissue of 2008’s TOYAMA VOIDILISM.

Parts I & II + Basement Voidilism + Nicola Boari’s Research on Noise Music (2008, project for J. Roberson’s excellent “Visual Anthropology of Tokyo” class) + Video of live recordings.

Original artwork by Giancarlo Morieri
Photos by Nicola Boari

Recorded at Waseda Toyama campus 文キャン , 早稲田大学 戸山キャンパス in 新宿区, 東京都 (Shinjuku ku, Tokyo)

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