Salomè Lego Playset, F A I L U R E S (SR217, 2020)

Salomè Lego Playset, “F A I L U R E S


SR217, March 2020

Format: Vinyl / mp3

Location: Italy

Duration: 00:15:00

Tracks: 3

Genres: Post Rock, Electroacoustic

Forgotten on a dying hard drive for years, FAILURES is Salomè’s latest, and last, work. 

An utter failure, but we did the best we could. 


Tracks recorded in Bologna in 2013 and mixed by Salomè Lego Playset and Fabio Iaci in 2018/19. 

Mastering by Fabio Iaci. 

Track 2, “Magenta Jealousy Blackened”, features John Duncan on voice and his are the lyrics too. 

Front photo by Davide Landi. 

Back photo by Giancarlo Morieri

Inner photo by Nicola Boari. 

Art direction by Matteo Linari. 


Our albums are under Creative Commons License.

Salomè Lego Playset Band photo by Giancarlo Morieri

Acoustic and electronic landscapes.


Active between 2001 and 2013 

From Bologna, Italy

Nicola Boari (guitar, laptop and objects)
Jacopo Cinti (drums, bass)
Elia Dalla Casa (sax, objects)
Davide Landi (bass, effects)

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