Pu̅trid_山arE⃨, Circadian Broadcasting (SR236, 2021)

Pu̅trid_山arE⃨, “Circadian Broadcasting”


SR236, October 2, 2021

Format: Audiocassette / mp3

Tracks: 13

Genres: Vaporwave, Meme-Ambient, Comfort TV

Putrid comfort TV samples to induce deep sleep and relaxation.


When quality broadcasting meets quality sleep, dreams happen and homeostasis is optimal.


Implanted memories for a comfortable upbringing and a choiceless maturity.

Objects may seem closer than they appear.

Tape edition contains one extra bonus track. Wait for it.


Brand new tapes with worn out overused tape cases. Expect scratches.
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Limited tape edition of 11, fast asleep
アロキン artist image

Traded childhood memories for corporate warmth. Nostalgic about discontinued produce, former weebo, failed malls lurkers, 1980s child obesity spokesperson, consumerist wannabe from 2rd tier economy.


All I ever wanted was a Crystal Pepsi“.

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