Painful Silence / Nicola Boari, Split


SR248, 2023

Format: mp3

Location: Italy/UK

Tracks: 6

Genres: Drone, Ambient

Released on Netlabel Day 2023 by Spettro Records and Gatti Rossi che Cadono.


A collection of sound fragments, dreamy drones vs distressing dark sounds.

Two sides of an experimental coin.


Artwork by Stefano Samà

Painful Silence is an experimental/dark ambient project born in January 2013, with the specific purpose of creating soundtracks for decaying landscapes, by composing through software and analogue synths.

SLP artist image

Failed media, pathetic attempts at art making, pretentious wording and amateurish self importance. Ugly sounds and unimportant events since 2007. Member of Salomè Lego Playset, River of No, Achievements, Rambler 1976.

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