Achievements, “From Pix to G”


SR030, 2010

Format: mp3

Location: Italy

Tracks: 32

Genres: Digital Hardcore

Achievements have decided to dedicate this futuristic album to the perseverance of the status quo. No changes are possible or accepted, dvds are banned and vcrs become 3d doors to a world of virtual reality.


Bald compositions of old school hardcore and angst of the 90ies, the doom generation isn’t Araki’s, but the endless arcades through which teenagers fight wargames against evil aliens coming to destoy the world as we know it.


This albums is a MANIFESTO (pdf included), of a future always to come, that of virtual VCRS, of Duke Nukem sequel, of Time Cop and Don the Dragon Wilson heroic ventures into the criminal age of hackers. The album also features precious featurings, those of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, agent Murphy from Robocop, Ryu and Ken from Street Fighters, Marinetti and Majakovski, and many, many more.

From Pix to G also includes a very very important autobiographical pdf booklet by Slp and with a forword by Mister Drey, the masterminds of Achievements, explaining its philosophy and various achievements conquered in the years, which are of course many many.

Please read it while listening, it will make a much more 3d experience for you.


achievements artist image

Achievements is pure propaganda. Retro-futurism and 80es cold war rivalry between man and machine. A celebration of power for the sake of power. A reign of few for the good of many. A mash-up of hardcore, brutal ideological extremism, videogame music and pure stupidity. They achieve a lot through ugly compositions of old school punk and cut-up-esque shit loads of raw data overdrives. 

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